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If you are a pastor or musical worship leader and are a member of CCLI or desire to be, you can access 49 (currently) of Norman's songs to possibly use to enhance a specific message or worship set. Audio files (in most cases) and lyrics, chord charts, sheet music is available. If you are interested click of the following link for more information: http://www.ccli.com/US.aspx

Norman has been involved in leading worship at on the video cafe team at Bridges Community Church in Fremont CA, he is taking a short break from that at this time. He continues to lead worship for Celebration Recovery ministries at Bridges (3rd Friday) and Harbor Light (1st Friday) alternating on the first and third Friday's of the month at 7 PM on those respective campuses. 

Music is a wonderful way to express oneself. I always enjoyed listening to my mother play the piano or accordion for relaxation. When I was a young boy my great Uncle Gus used to play some harmonica for us and accordion and my aunts (my mothers sisters) used to always gather together around the piano and sing harmonies together when we got together. 

I used to write a new song every time that I learned a new chord. Music all over the world may be different but it is always beautiful and has a lasting purpose for the creator of that music as well as the listeners of it. 

The way I see it, God created music and He has inspired prophets, and psalmists, musicians and singers to utilize this gift for His pleasure and testimony and to inspire and comfort and exhort God's people. He even taught Moses a song and told him to teach it the the people. That very song will be sung in Heaven also. Music ties emotions and convictions together in a unique and memorable way. I always used to enjoy making up a funny song to make people laugh too and still do.

But as the years have passed I find myself crafting singable prayers and worship songs for the Lords glory. I've never had more pleasure in singing and playing my instrument than I do now for the Lord.

I hope that the music and lyrics that I share with you will in some way benefit you and glorify God. Thanks again for visiting my web site. Sincerely…Norman Patrick Morrison

Please visit Cross Rhythms where we invite visitors to go there and register their comments regarding music from Norman's CDs. This is a Christian radio station in the UK that has been airing music from Norman's CDs.

Norman is also competing at "Our Stage", you can listen to his songs and vote for him there.

We invite Pastors to check out the new song "Shine Jesus" which is really impacting listeners everywhere it is sung. It has a very upbeat evangelism message. 
If you or someone  you know is interested in learning to play guitar or piano, please allow us to recommend Michael Herrera.

Mr. Herrera teaches guitar for all ages, levels and styles - jazz, blues, folk, classical rock, pop, country!  Mr. Herrera currently resides in Castro Valley, California. You can click on his name above or click here: Michael Herrera -  To learn more about Michael.


We are human beings. Every single one of us deserves our life to be to the fullest that our Maker has intended. Our country was founded by individuals who knew the oppression of kings and dictators who controlled the masses and used them for their own pleasure. 

Tax paying citizens of the United States I'm told now work 5 months out of the year just to pay their taxes. In my history books I was taught that we abolished slavery in the 19th century. I wonder how many of you realize that now we are volunteer slaves and for most of us our vote is manipulated out of our power by propaganda. Please consider regaining your ability and privelidge to reason and think and decide for yourselves what is right and true and please vote with good conscience having been properly informed. If you are not a coward and you are an honest person you normally respond to help the helpless and defenseless and right all wrongs that you have an ability to do something about. And if you have the ability to reason you can not only recognize injustice but you will want to also do something about such things to the best of your ability. 

Voting is the least that you can do. Yes, some human beings are stronger than others, and some are politically more powerful than we are too. But please, let us all reason with the truth and seek to be informed of facts rather than propaganda. I invite anyone who can stomach it to view this video which you can watch for your own information. If you or someone that you know is contemplating an abortion please help them be truly informed of what they are really seeking to do. I wish to also tell you if you or someone you know has already participated in an abortion that there is forgiveness for you if you truly recognize your sin and confess it to the Lord and repent and cease to support such actions anymore and truly call it what it is, which is sin. 1 John 1: 9 says "If we confess our sins God is faithful to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness". It is my belief that no truly informed Christian could ever approve of an abortion unless there are life threatening circumstances for the mother (which are very rare cases to be sure). 

I know hundreds of adopted children and adoptive parents, and I have seen how God really makes those families a true family in every sense of the meaning "family". Please, if you fear/respect God, be informed of what abortion really is. All of us are God's possession. An unborn child is dependent upon another human being, it's birth mother. Please consider adoption if you cannot see yourself being able to care for that child. That would be a selfless love action too. Please spread the word once you understand the truth/facts about these innocent ones. Please protect them in any way that you can. http://www.massmediamail.com/durarealidad/

Here is also a link of one such ministry that can help anyone if they want to be informed. They will help you even learn skills dads and moms need to parent their child. Jesus is about redemption by grace and life abundantly. If you really want to learn from Him He will teach you. "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life." http://www.pregnancychoicesclinic.com/..

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The performance the Koinonia Koffee House was a great success, watch for a live CD coming soon.

Norm's song "Salvation And Glory" was number 22 on the Idol Underground charts under Faith Based Genre. American Idol Underground. You will need to register for access, there is no cost to register. After you sign up please go into the faith based category and vote on Norman's songs "I Am Yours Lord" and "Salvation And Glory". You can also go into the "rock" category and vote on "I Am Yours Lord". Thank you!

Special thanks to: ChristianLightRadio-Malta,CrossRhythms-UK,CKJS Winnipeg Manitoba, EJNM.net – Montreal, AM 1190 Calgary Alberta, Chic FM – Quebec, for adding up to 6 of the songs from the new CD "I Am Yours Lord" to their radio airplay programming!

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Upon your request, you can get copies of the chord sheets and lyrics to 49 of Norman's songs.

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